News Details Date: 19-11-2010

Re-hosting project - Geita Gold Mine

Geita Gold Mine, which is a part of the Anglo Gold Ashanti Group, and operates in the Lake Zone. Their Caterpillar fleet is relatively large with around 50 CAT units, running at variety of hours. The current 777D fleet, now 13 in number, range from 40’000 to 46’000 machine hours and required complete overhaul of the hoses on the machines. GGM began by talking to a Mantrac competitor currently based on site. Hearing this news, Robert Eve, the Product Support Sales Manager in Mwanza, opened up the discussion during the Monthly Management Meeting to utilize the expertise and support from Mantrac Tanzania. GGM agreed to the proposal, and so began a concerted team effort across all Product Support Departments to ensure success, with Abdi Changalima, the Hose and Coupling Specialist, playing an important role. Mwanza branch received specialist tooling from around the territory, including specialist Hose Presses, cleaning projectiles, and various other accessories. Robert and Abdi, with some guidance from the Group Product Support Marketing and CAT Hydraulics Representative, Carlos de la Fuente, set about the task of building up the Hose List, using the CAT systems H.I.S, S.I.S, and SIMSi. Based on this list the first order for a single 777D was received and amounted to over 140 hoses across all applications including Service Brakes, Torque Convertor and Air Conditioning. The warehouse team, led by Supervisor Pastory Bandiho, assembled all the hoses, ensuring correct orientation and high contamination control using compressed air projectiles and cellophane bags. They were then packaged into separate boxes depending on the location on the machine, for ease during the installation period. Based on the performance of the Product Support Department, the customer decided to award Mantrac the orders for the rest of the 777D fleet, and to even extend the re-hosing project to include the fleet of Wheel Loaders as well.


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